Udyomitra is a complete professional network that aids you to achieve your dreams

Udyomitra aims at being the ultimate bridge between the job seekers and job hirers. We are a professional squad, with the ultimate desire to reduce unemployment and to help in the growth of rural and urban area. We provide solutions to all organisations. Udyomitra will be your key ingredient to form the apt network of professionals in all sectors and thereby helps you to achieve success.
  • Employee

    Udyomitra is a user friendly application which helps to build a career.

    No payment is required.

    Resumes of the employee are automatically generated by Udyomitra.

    Awareness about the job opportunities at urban and rural area.

    Right job for the right employee at the preferred location is achieved.

  • Employer

    Employers can easily hire employees through Udyomitra.

    No investment or payment needed to hire employees

    No limit on the number of jobs posted.

    A large amount of data can be collected.

    Right employee for the right job from preferred location.

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